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24/7-365 employees must go through an intensive training program covering the proper use of equipment and materials and pass a written test.

24/7-365 employees are under direct supervision at the job site during their first week.

Quality Control inspections are made weekly during the first month of any new account and are made monthly from the second month. Supervisory inspections are made nightly and Management inspections are made weekly.

24/7-365 employees can earn a Quality Control bonus on a monthly basis if they achieve a 90 or better Quality rating for the previous month.

Quality Control starts when our employees reach the work site. We enforce a professional appearance with uniforms, smocks and Photo ID.

Daily Logbooks are kept at a location chosen by the customer. Communication between our employees, their supervisor and 24/7-365 management is available for review at all times.

Email 24/7-365's Quality Control Inbox at qc@servicethatworks.com

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